Pinterest Image Size

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To recap, Pinterest image sizes Cover image pixels. Tiny thumbnails pixels. As you create pins, it’s important to be strategic. Inspirational quote pins drive tons of traffic for authors but they aren’t the most effective pins floating around on the boards. You may not know this, but the most clicked on image size are the long, . Out of the mouth of Pinterest. Based on these recommendations from Pinterest the minimum size for images is a ratio of being the width of your image and being the height of your image and at least pixels wide. The maximum size recommendation is a ratio of Anything longer than a . ratio will be cut off in the feed..Pinterest has been saying for years that the optimal Pin size is a proportion. For quite some time, that topped out at pixels, but they recently scaled down the size of the Pin when clicked. Now a Pin will never appear larger than . Pinterest says pixels .Perfect Pinterest Image Size Most importantly, your images MUST be vertical! About of Pinterest users browse the boards on mobile devices, which is why Pinterest prefers images with an aspect ratio . For example, your images can be pixels wide and then the height should be ..