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New to Lotito’s portfolio is a Frozen line of Authentic Italian street food, which is the product line of focus for this Go to Market. Lotito is a privately held company that employs over associates in three manufacturing locations. Lotito does business in the Retail, Foodservice, and Industrial segments. More .Michel Lotito began eating unusual material as a teenager, at around years of age, and he performed publicly beginning in . [citation needed] He had an eating disorder known as pica, which is a psychological disorder characterized by an appetite for substances that are largely non nutritive..Claudio Lotito born in Rome is an Italian entrepreneur. He is the owner and president of the Serie A football club S.S. Lazio since . Lotito earned his High School Diploma in Classics at Ugo Foscolo Classical Lyceum in Albano Laziale and a Bachelor of Arts in Pedagogy cum laude from University of Rome I “La Sapienza”..Lotito Foods’ innovations wows media and is a big hit with fans. More Crisp it, wrap it, roll it, melt it. creativity awaits. This innovative breakthrough offers chefs and consumers creative ways to use cheese to be crisped, wrapped, rolled or melted. The possibilities are endless.