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Transportation engineering or transport engineering is the application of technology and scientific principles to the planning, functional design, operation and management of facilities for any mode of transportation in order to provide for the safe, efficient, rapid, comfortable, convenient, economical, and environmentally compatible movement of people and goods invites you to browse through our library of Transportation Engineering courses covering a variety of topics, including but not limited to, roundabout design, horizontal curve safety, traffic control, roadway geometric design, ramp planning and management, shoulder and HOV lane treatment, freeway capacity, signal optimization and more, then select from any of our board .Traffic engineering is a branch of civil engineering that uses engineering techniques to achieve the safe and efficient movement of people and goods on roadways. It focuses mainly on research for safe and efficient traffic flow, such as road geometry, sidewalks and crosswalks, cycling infrastructure, traffic signs, road surface markings and traffic lights..The Engineering area contains most of the reference material needed to design and construct a Capital Program project. Included are topics about Policy, Procedures, Specifications and Design Standards Manuals, Guidelines, and Computer Aided Design and Drafting drawings ..