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As I entered my th year of teaching young children and supporting adult learners, I found myself searching for answers. Answers to why CLASS implementation was so difficult, why teacher buy in was such a challenge, and why long term improvement seemed impossible..I recently heard a greatogy about the CLASS tool and I had to share it. I can’t take credit for the idea. Affiliate Trainer, Teresa Bockes, originated the concept, and I loved it the minute I heard it CLASS is like a house. Let’s build a house step by step to learn more about this metaphor..On August I joined Teachstone as Chief Impact Officer. If my name sounds familiar, it may be because I am one of the authors of the CLASS and a co founder, with Bob Pianta, of Teachstone.For the last years, I’ve spent my days researching ways teachers can best support children’s and adolescents’ development and learning. I’ve conducted many stu.s, written many papers, and .Ask general “dimension level” questions “What evidence did you see for Positive Climate?” rather than asking participants to share evidence indicator by indicator, especially for the first training videos..